Rescued deadstock fabric rolls stacked on large cart in warehouse.


Based in Bucks County, PA, I'm starting a fiber arts supply shop and workspace with three big goals:

  1. A place to guilt-free dump any supplies you no longer want,
  2. An affordable place for all to access quality supplies,
  3. And a community creative workspace that has the camaraderie I miss most from art school and past sewing classes.

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New To The Shop

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Now Accepting Donations

Whether you're looking to trim down your personal collection or inherited a stockpile that your grandmother has been building for decades, I promise to find your fiber arts supplies a loving new home.

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Community is at the heart of this business model. As a part of it, your voice matters. Let me know here what you would like to see from Gemma Fabrics in the future.

Currently on the lookout for retail/workshop space in the Central Bucks region and for future class instructors. Send your leads!

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