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Floral Printed Waffle Knit

Floral Printed Waffle Knit

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Width: 56 - 64 inches

Length: 21 - 52 inches

  • R01 - Fabric notes and staining. Large seam not included in length.
  • Y01 - Some staining on back.
  • Y02 - Fabric notes and some staining.

Yardage and remnants are sold as is in dimensions listed above. The length is rounded down to the nearest quarter yard for flat rate $5/yd pricing. Both dimensions are measured at the shortest point when there are asymmetrical or jagged edges.

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Notes On Warehouse Deadstock

Old apparel warehouse with long work table covered in supplies and surrounded on both sides by floor to ceiling shelves of fabric rolls.

Optional Prewash Service

These deadstock fabrics are fabulous, but they have been sitting in the warehouse for 15+ years and I want to set expectations for those shopping the collection online.

Most of the musty smell was actually in the dusty old cardboard that has since been removed. The remaining scent is very minimal and no different than a stash rescued from the back of grandma's closet.

I would simply recommend treating these fabrics the same way you would any other secondhand fabric purchase. If you would prefer to have your fabric prewashed before it ships, consider adding that to your order here.

Fabric Irregularities

Especially with some of the printed patterns, I have noticed some misprints where the edge of the bolt must have had a crease in the fabric during printing. There are also strange cuts, seams or notes on a few of the remnants from sampling, and some of the bolts stored near the warehouse lighting have fading on the outer layer of fabric.

What may not have worked on the manufacturing scale still has lots of potential for your personal projects!

I will do my very best to make note of any irregularities in the listing description & photos and/or tack it on as bonus length to the purchased yardage. Feel free to reach out with any questions before ordering.

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